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Our Story

In September of 2004, Pastor Bill Campbell, joined by a community of like-minded Christians, founded Life Bridge Church. Throughout the next two years, LBC met in rented facilities. On Christmas Eve 2006, we moved into our current building. The heartbeat of Life Bridge is the community of believers who have been changed and now are engaged in bringing change through Christ.

We embrace the opportunity to look up for our relationship with Christ, to lean in by being engaged as a part of the community, and to launch out to make a significant difference in our world. We literally believe God can do anything and that the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts in still available today. Our family provides a place to belong with clear focus on eternal purpose!

Mission / Vision / Values

Our mission is to be changed to bring change through Jesus to our community.

Our vision is to look up, lean in, and launch out.

Our values are to reflect God's image, to pursue an empowered lifestyle, and to be a family on mission.


Foursquare video about the 4 squares.

“Foursquare” is a Biblical term representing that which is equally balanced on all sides, established and enduring. It was used to describe the tabernacle in the Exodus, of the Temple of the Lord in Ezekiel 40:47, and of Heaven, as described in The Book of Revelation 21:16.

Our Savior

Hebrews 7:25

The Baptizer with the Holy Spirit

Acts 1:5,8

Our Healer

Isaiah 53:5

The Soon-Coming King

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

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NextGen Pastor
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Discipleship Pastor
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Worship Director/Tech Director
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Worship Leader / Vocal Director
Lisa Dan
Operations Manager
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Financial Assistant
Joe Ruggerio
Maintenance Facilitator